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This 12 part series follows the adventures of  Sal, Matt and Becca, three best friends trying to navigate the pitfalls of college life, college love and college parties. Can they all find success or will one of them have to take one for the team?

When college journalism major, Holly Rosebush reopens an investigation that put one of her high school friends in prison for life, she finds that the wrong man might be behind bars. Through a series of interviews, she uncovers a web of lies, deceit and uncertainty that leads her down road of doubt and confusion. Missing Person is told in five episodes and warns us that the facts aren't always as clear as they may seem.

Would you bet your soul for a chance to win the greatest prize of them all? Twelve strangers find that the devil is in the details when they sign up to play in a high stakes poker game that could make their dreams come true. Evil lurks in the strangest of places in this tense thriller that takes many twists and turns with every hand played. 

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Missing Person